First / Le Premier / Die Erste / 一番目

Finally, I published my very first post in my design website. I'm deciding whether I should post my writings here or more design process. Maybe both? Not sure, but anyway, welcome!

Aside of designing stuff and working on my portfolio, I'm working on two books this semester - two very distinct ones. One is a novel, which is in a beta reading status (if you're an avid reader or an editor, and interested to read my novel, please do let me know!) and another one is an exhibition book. The latter one is more on the designing and less on the writing, in which the subject matter is Jules Verne! I'm very excited on finally doing a project about Verne since I consider myself quite as a Vernian (Always believe in the impossible, guys!) and he's always been my inspiration. Anyway, the Jules Verne book is an exhibition book, yet I treat it more as a thesis paper, because seeing that I'm working on it on my final semester, it kind of has a thesis paper treatment to it (you choose a subject matter and you work on it for the entire semester).

So yeah, I'm looking for both to finish by the end of the semester. Have a great day, guys!