5:00 AM - Are you NUTS?

Really? I'm still awake at 5:00 AM and I've no class today. Am I NUTS? Just another insomnia night, I guess. My productivity mode is still kicking in (Ah no, more like procrastination? Otherwise, I'll be doing other future-related, career-boosting stuff right now).

Anyway, in honor of my being awake at this time, I found something that can quite relate to my circumstance now. My whole explanation of why I'm pulling an allnighter when I don't need to might be easier explained by Mr. Squirrel presented by yours truly.

And yeah, that was a game I developed on Processing. It did work, with a glitch. I was proud of it, mainly due to the fact I could make Mr. Squirrel change expression when he caught an acorn. And yeah, he was inspired by Pikachu.

Check out that blush though! How can you resist Mr. Squirrel???