Disney Music Experience

Transmedia Branding | Spatial Installation

Summer 2014
Thanks to
Brad Bartlett
Ryan D'Orazi
Ivan Cruz
Disney Music Experience is a rebrand of Walt Disney Concert Hall. The landmark, which is located at Los Angeles Downtown, has been the host of numerous classical concerts and recitals for years. The concept of Disney Music Experience is to convey the cultural balance between the timeless classical music and the dynamic energy of Downtown Los Angeles.

Brand Concept:
Abstraction of Sound

The brand concept visualizes the abstraction of sound. The custom typeface is generated through Geomerative Library. The following typefaces are originally DIN Condensed, but they are activated through sound to produce abstract geometric forms.

Printed Collaterals


Environmental Signages


"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

– Victor Hugo


Conceptual Event
An institution wouldn’t live without a groundbreaking event to start it with. One of the premiere events hosted by Disney Music Experience is Canon.

Canon is a hypothetical musical presentation event that celebrate the music of Baroque composers: Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn, and Pachelbel with symphony concerts and recitals that take place throughout the month.

Event Poster


CAPRICE Sound Installation

As a companion piece to CANON, I created an interactive installation, a typography projected into two pieces of extended mylar. The mylar forms copy the wavy personality of Disney Music Experience architecture (by Frank Gehry). The installation is sound activated, which means the louder or the more people create the sound, the more distorted/abstract it gets from its original form.