Embraer Executive Jets Internship

UI Design | Experience Design |
Art Direction

Fall 2014


Team Members:
Carissa Atrianty – Visual Designer   
Santiago Ibarra – Concept Designer
Vivia Liu – Product Designer

Art Directors
Jay Beever – Vice President of Brand Imaging and Interior Design Department
Rainer Zierer – Sr. Industrial Designer
Josh Rea – Interior Designer

I was fortunate to be part of Embraer Executive Jets Internship team taking place in Melbourne, Florida. Along with two other interns composed of a concept designer and a product designer, we collaborated in several projects to create the best, yet the most luxurious possible flight experience for Embraer private jet potential customers.

Two major projects I participated in included designing the User Interface Concept for future Embraer jets and designing the ad campaign for Lineage 1000E as a collaboration project.

For more details regarding my Embraer projects, please contact me at hello@carissatrianty.com.