MeMO by Disneyland

UI Design
Spring 2015

Instructor: Dave Bullock
Teaching Assistant: Michelle Fong

MeMO by Disneyland is a conceptual app designed by Disneyland Resort for Disneyland visitors. The goal is to allow visitors to keep their memories of their visit to Disneyland in an app, in a way that they will be able to revisit them again.

The app functions like a journal, with a special feature in which, every single post made by the user will be collected as points. The accumulated points allow users to gain a Fastpass entry.

Process book is available upon request.



MeMO is short for "memories", referring to one of Disneyland's goal which is to create memories with loved ones.

There is also a "Me" in MeMO. The two letters themselves are not stylized as caps so they would stand out

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 2.08.28 AM.png

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