RE By Samsung

Branding | Transmedia | Short Film
Summer 2015

Petrula Vrontikis

RE is a conceptual program sponsored by Samsung that aims to providing peer support to college students to prepare them for the finals week. RE helps students achieved their customized goals for the finals week while encouraging the students to also maintain their well-being.

The program will mainly work through an interactive social media app, in which students are to set their customized goals and share them to their peers. In return, their peers will remind them to achieve the goals.


Short Film

The film, shot by me, is composed of a collection of still photos that become the moodboard of the brand. The following film acts as a campaign that illustrates the feeling of sleep deprivation, where RE app will come to play and help improve the student's stamina.


Poster Series



The website's role is to introduce the campaign on the internet. Although it doesn't play an influential role as big as the app, it gives information to people regarding the campaign. Users are also able to register their schools to be part of their campaigns through RE website.



The bigger element of the entire campaign brand is the app. Students can download the app for free and interact with other students, give each other motivation, set goals, send reminders to each other to complete their needs, and track progress of their activity.