Frank Lloyd Wright Posters

A poster series I did on Frank Lloyd Wright in my spare time. I experimented with gradients to see how they'd work with geometric shapes in order to create dimensions and depth.

100 Days of Craving

As a big time foodie, thoughts about food brings joy to me at the busiest days. So when LIFT Agency hosted 100 Days Creative Challenge as a fun side project, I knew I had to bring my craving to a visual platform.

The challenge is to post my craving each other on Instagram. But the harder challenge is to interpret my craving of choice into abstract, minimalist illustrations. Try to guess each of the food below! I won't spoil.

You can also follow the Instagram account here.


Translucent Book Cover

Translucent is my first ever novel that I'm planning to seek publication in the future. As both an aspiring author and a graphic designer, creating covers and designing the book format are a few ways to connect both writing and design. Hence, Translucent is the brain child of those two passions.

Set in Scottish Highlands, Translucent follows a girl who falls in love with a mysterious ghost. It currently clocks up 110,000 words as a second draft.

For more information regarding the book project, head over to my author website.